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Incentivized P2P file-sharing - utilizing smart contracts & UFR tokens for a fully decentralized application

September 22, 2020: Upfiring 1.2.3 is now available!

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How it works

Upfiring directly addresses these underlying issues with modern-day P2P file-sharing networks by incentivizing seeders

What is Upfiring?

Upfiring is an incentivized P2P file-sharing desktop application for Windows, MacOS, and Linux that encrypts and distributes files between peers over a decentralized network. Users earn cryptocurrency in the form of Upfiring tokens (UFR) by seeding files. The movement of UFR and files on the network is mediated by smart contracts, allowing for trustless exchanges.

File sharing

Continuous file seeding

Earning by seeding


Create Upfiring files by uploading your files to the application Set a file price, denominated in UFR tokens


Seed your files, or help support the network by downloading and seeding files from others


Earn UFR tokens every time these files are downloaded and decrypted by others

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